Cakes & Farm Bread

Pen bakes a great carrot cake. She enjoys cooking and this is one of her favourites. We always have one in the fridge and it goes well with coffee.

She also bakes her own bread and a fresh Farm Loaf straight out of the oven is hard to beat. Thick slices, hot melted butter lathered with strawberry jam.


Fresh bread Kanchanaburi Pen bakes for the house as well as

The flour traditionally used in Thai baked products comes from locally grown tapioca and is naturally sweet. It is a relatively recent trend for unsweetened bread which uses mostly imported wheat flour that makes the more expensive but locally made ‘European’ bread taste more like foreigners prefer.
As for Lao bread being more akin to foreigners tastes, that is indeed due to the aforementioned French influences, similar to Vietnam.

Their are many types of wheat, some with much more gluten in them and better for bread. That would especially be French bread, hamburger and hot dog buns, but even regular bread.
The low gluten wheats are used for cake, cake donuts, pie crust, and anything else which should be soft or crumbly.
Flours sold with a name similar to all-purpose flour are a mixture of both and not best for either, but usable for either.
I have no idea what varieties are available in LOS, but I found street sellers with varieties and they knew their wheat. I used a recipe (formula, bakers call it) from way back, and made my own bread.
Right now I use an electric bread maker and all I do is add the ingredients and turn it on. It has a timer that mixes, then waits for it to rise, then kneads it while also knocking it down, then lets it rise again and bakes it. It’s darned good bread. I use what’s called hard red winter wheat but again I have no idea what the name of the flour I got in LOS was. I just told the vendor what I wanted it to do and why.

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